Thursday, June 05, 2014

I do apologize to Ali Rameez but ONLY for my PERSONAL attacks on him

Ever since Monaza Naeem's estranged son Abraham Naim made to the cover of New Zealand's biggest newspaper, The Dominion Post, after he won a capital drag queen competition by "wearing a gold burqa as he stripped on stage, discarding a head-to-toe Muslim woman's robe" and thereby qualifying for the national event, I have been outraged how all the Maldivian Facebook groups are calling for his head for "harassing Islam".

I was so pissed off when a founder of Salaf NGO in Maldives, singing legend Ali Rameez, added fuel to the fire by posting on his Facebook day before yesterday a hadith (saying of Prophet Mohamed, SWT, PBUH) that calls for the murder of any apostate. This indirectly amounts to Rameez condoning calls for violence and murder and in an emotional outburst I posted this gif image of a shemale self-fucking (after I remembered sheikh Fareed's own secret sexcapades with Thai lady-boys in Bandos island resort) and said "The Ali Rameezs of this world can fuck themselves for all I care" to my blogpost titled "21 pictures that restored my faith in humanity".

I later realized that this was very unbecoming of me because even though I believe in offending people on ISSUES, I believe it was very unethical of me to launch a PERSONAL attack against him! So I removed the reference and the gif and also removed the 'Not Safe for Work 18+' logo and 'Parental Advisory: Explicit Content' logo which I had posted to this blog when I had posted that offensive explicit gif image yesterday.

Rameez has been the cause of many of my personal miseries, not least brainwashing my father against me and causing my family to disown me and throw me out of their home which forced me to take my parents to police and forced them to, against their willingness, to provide me a legally mandatory MVR 5,000 per month for me to rent a place because Maldivian law says that "under no circumstances can a parent throw out a child from his home and vice versa". Former Minivan News writer turned Wahhabi, who later became the secretary general of the Islamic Foundation of Maldives, Ibrahim Mohamed even to this day is suffering from a similar case because a corrupt judge allowed his father to throw out he and his siblings from his home and sell the house and thereby made Ibrahim and his siblings homeless, a case which Minivan News itself reported at the time after Ibrahim and his siblings staged a noisy protest on the street.

At times when I do take things personally, like the instance where Rameez convinced my father to cut off relations with me like Monaza dumped Abraham, I will not stoop to Rameez's dirty level of violence and murder. Rather, my weapon is the written word, and as long as Rameez does not personally apologize to me for having turned my father against me, I will continue blogging with a vengeance.

Though you Wahhabi Salafists might be of the view that half the Quran is invalid (with your claims that Mecca verses are void), that's your Sunni problem. I being a Sufi Muslim believe in ALL the Quran's verses, both from the Mecca and Medina period, and therefore, just because you take a sahih hadith out of context to suit your political and social agenda, I will adhere only to an intellectual like Dr. Hassan Saeed who wrote that book with his brother saying that Islam does not prescribe death for apostasy.

My old dying father might be foolish enough to fall for your bullshit Sunni Wahhabi Salafism but I am not one to take my religious advice from a singer who emerged a sheikh after a 6-month "education" from an extremist rat hole in Pakistan's Peshawar and made his livelihood from haram money obtained by plagiarising popular Hindi songs. Copyright infringement, piracy, intellectual rights violations - these words must be so alien and, um, Western to you. That's big time stealing, Mr. Rameez. Yes, you are a daylight robber, a highway thief. And I am glad Maumoon did not give you the National Award during his term because you refused to cut your long hair in order to set up a good example for the youth. At least Maldives' international award-winning bodyboarder Ali Kushruwan (Kuda Ayya) had the guts to cut off all his dreadlocks when the nation caught his attention with his prestigious international accolades.

So long and NO thanks for all the (FREEZE BRAND) fish.


PS: Just because someone may leave Islam or advocate secularism or lead a gay life does not necessarily mean Abraham Naim is anti-Islamic. But your Salafi brigade made the same accusation against me and got your cronies at the Islamic Ministry to block my website Hmph.


  1. Anonymous4:41 PM

    Well said Hilath!

  2. Jinni8:00 PM

    Hilath, the Wahhabi and Salafi groups in Maldives are trying to kill you because they hate the fact that you're right. You've been right all along, they know it and they can't stand it.

  3. Anonymous7:48 PM

    Fuck U