Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Now no foreign governments can deny any Maldivians asylum if it is sought on religious or sexuality grounds

This is awesome actually although it reveals Yameen's double talk: http://minivannews.com/politics/maldivian-asylum-seekers-assured-of-prosecution-upon-return-says-presidents-office-86360

But this is quite cheeky by Yameen. It's like he is chasing off all atheists and gays from Maldives and forcing other countries to give them asylum even if those foreign countries don't want to !!

And as expected, the conservative media of Maldives painted Abraham Naim, Maldives' first international drag queen, as an Islamaphobe. For example, both Dhuvas and CNM's headline of the Dhivehi news item is eerily exactly the same as if both the websites are run by the same editor! The headline they both choose, word for word, says "A Maldivian harasses Islam in New Zealand" !!

These idiots just cannot grasp the fact that people choosing to live their own lives doesn't mean they are necessarily anti-Islamic.

I was accused of harassing Islam though even if you check Hilath.com today, you will not find anything that harasses Islam. The problem is, these idiots think that if you uphold the principles of secularism, it amounts to harassment of Islam, because as Dawkins pointed out, each religion thrives on the basis of painting all rival religions as bad. So I don't really understand how a religion can say it respects all other religions. Another case of cognitive dissonance?

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